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Digital Strategy

Legal Framework and Security

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We will both utilize and shape the legal framework in the service of our digital transformation.

Information security

This set of objectives focuses on the legal framework for the purposes of both implementing statutory requirements in an expedient way and designing internal regulations. This is geared in particular toward ensuring the successful digitalization of IT services as well as increasing the information security of data to be processed in a University context. 

Security concepts

The University is also responding to the heightened and constant threat posed by cybercrime committed against higher-education and other academic and scientific institutions. Central identity management at the University is also being expanded to include the possibility of multi-factor authentication as part of the Identity and Access Management (IdA) subproject.
Comprehensive security concepts are taken directly into account when new systems, such as the switchover of the campus management system, are introduced.

Cloud strategy

As well as information security, the University is also conscious of its responsibility to guarantee adequate privacy and data protection. In particular, therefore, it is devising a central strategy for the use of cloud systems that sets out at what points in its day-to-day operations cloud services can be integrated into its existing services infrastructure.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of using videoconferencing systems in accordance with privacy and data protection regulations.

Details of other sets of objectives

Knowledge transfer and society

We will change how knowledge and skills are transferred between ourselves and society as it undergoes its digital transformation.

Infrastructure for research, teaching and services

We will continue to develop our secure and future-proof IT infrastructure.

Organizational structure

We will develop and transform our organizational structures in order to leverage the potential offered by digital work, learning and research.

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