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Digital Strategy

Knowledge transfer and Society

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We will change how knowledge and skills are transferred between ourselves and society as it undergoes its digital transformation.

Knowledge and technology transfer

With this set of objectives, the University of Bonn is focusing on designing future-oriented forms of communication, interaction and collaboration in order to engage in dialogue with society and its international partnerships as part of knowledge and technology transfer. 

Open Science & Open Access

As part of the Open Science project, the University will be stepping up its knowledge transfer activities by giving its members scope to make their ideas, research findings and inventions accessible to society through open licenses and in line with open-science principles. The Open Access Service Center has been in place since 2020 as the first port of call for supporting freely accessible research results. The possibilities for accessing and referencing electronic publications are being significantly expanded in 2023 with the bonnus Discovery Service. With the establishment of the Research Data Service Center in 2019, the University of Bonn has been building up its IT infrastructure and underpinning it with sustainable service structures.

Open Education

The University of Bonn is well aware that the digital transformation under way in society, especially on the global job market, is requiring high-school students and graduates to possess new skills in schools and higher education. It is taking this as a starting point for developing its range of degree programs further. The PreCampus project is addressing the changed skills profiles of new university students and factoring them into the further development of the digital preliminary course platform.

In this context, the University is also promoting open access to educational materials and is helping its teachers to create and share open educational resources (OERs), particularly as part of the state-wide ORCA.nrw initiative.

Cross-cutting issues

Rather than seeing it in isolation, the University of Bonn is taking a holistic view of the digital transformation that incorporates synergy effects with other cross-cutting issues: equal opportunity, internationality and sustainability. A pilot project is being launched in 2023 geared toward paving the way to digital accessibility. Sustainability aspects in line with green IT principles are being taken into account, particularly in the plans to build the new Green DiCe-Cube data center. The INCF (International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility) data management platform is to be connected up within the NeurotechEU European University Alliance in 2023 in order to share the innovative digital teaching and learning formats for neurotechnology that were developed by the University of Bonn within this international network.

Details of other sets of objectives

New areas in research and teaching

We will use digital methods to open up new areas in research and teaching and will be exploring academic and scientific questions posed by digitalization.

Legal framework and security

We will both utilize and shape the legal framework in the service of our digital transformation.

Infrastructure for research, teaching and services

We will continue to develop our secure and future-proof IT infrastructure.

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