Universität Bonn

Digital Strategy

Vision and sets of objectives

New areas in reserach and teaching

We will use digital methods to open up new areas in research and teaching and will be exploring academic and scientific questions posed by digitalization.

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Knowledge transfer and society

We will change how knowledge and skills are transferred between ourselves and society as it undergoes its digital transformation.

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Legal framework and security

We will both utilize and shape the legal framework in the service of our digital transformation.

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Infrastructure for research, teaching and services

We will continue to develop our secure and future-proof IT infrastructure.

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Organizational structure

We will develop and transform our organizational structures in order to leverage the potential offered by digital work, learning and research.

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Digital skills

We will incorporate, promote and harness the individual digital skills of our members.

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New spaces for encounters

We will create new spaces for virtual and in-person encounters, interaction and collaboration at the University.

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