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Digital Strategy

New Areas in Research and Teaching

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We will use digital methods to open up new areas in research and teaching and will be exploring academic and scientific questions posed by digitalization.

Academic and scientific work oriented toward the future

With this set of objectives, the University of Bonn is exploring the potential that digital technologies and methods offer for creating an ideal, future-oriented environment for creative academic and scientific work and furthering the development of its outstanding fields of research and teaching with regard to the digital transformation. 

Transdisciplinary Research Areas (TRAs)

The Transdisciplinary Research Areas (Transdisciplinary Research Areas (TRAs)) will be an area of focus: What digital technologies will support the work of the TRAs in terms of their research activities as well as processes that aid research? To what extent can academic and scientific questions about digitalization be incorporated into the interdisciplinary research profile of each TRA?

Artificial Intelligence think tank

A think tank will address the growing relevance of artificial intelligence (AI) methods in all academic and scientific fields and propose strategic measures. 

Scope for innovative teaching

The University of Bonn will provide scope for its teachers to translate the transformation of their subject area that is being driven by digital technologies into processes of change for their curriculum. This integration will enable these processes to take effect in the corresponding teaching and learning concepts. 

The BNTrAinee project

The BNTrAinee (Bonn Transdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Education) project is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and led by the Institute for Computer Science. It is trialling AI methods at the interface between students and other subject-specific contexts and devising new teaching and learning content based on the findings. 

The ViCo project

The ViCo (Virtual Collaboration) project, which is funded by the Innovation in der Hochschullehre (“Innovation in Higher Education Teaching”) foundation, is strengthening and supporting the further development of teaching at the University of Bonn with an eye on the future. ViCo encompasses various forms of digital collaboration both between teachers and students and among students themselves.

In-house calls for proposals for funding

The University of Bonn is also using in-house programs such as “vielfältig.nachhaltig.digital” (“diverse.sustainable.digital”) to open up new areas of study and develop innovative teaching and learning concepts that either explain digital methods or incorporate digital formats as an integral part of the teaching concept. 

Details of other sets of objectives

New spaces for encounters

We will create new spaces for virtual and in-person encounters, interaction and collaboration at the University.

Knowledge transfer and society

We will change how knowledge and skills are transferred between ourselves and society as it undergoes its digital transformation.

Legal framework and security

We will both utilize and shape the legal framework in the service of our digital transformation.

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