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Digital Strategy

Going Forward Together
Digital Transformation of Research, Teaching, Learning and Work at the University

A Digital Strategy for the University of Bonn

Innovations in information technology are transforming our world and thus changing the University of Bonn’s mission in research, teaching and social impact and the environment in which it is pursuing this. With this Digital Strategy, the University is positioning itself as both a university in the traditional sense, i.e. where teaching takes place on site, and one that embraces the possibilities afforded by digitalization. With a clear and comprehensive idea of its own development and what future-oriented, internationally interconnected research, teaching and IT services require, it has formulated its vision and identified measures and structures for its own digital transformation.

Vision and sets of objectives

The University’s vision for the future covers seven sets of objectives.

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New areas in research and teaching

We will use digital methods to open up new areas in research and teaching and will be exploring academic and scientific questions posed by digitalization.

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Knowledge transfer and society

We will change how knowledge and skills are transferred between ourselves and society as it undergoes its digital transformation.

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Legal framework and security

We will both utilize and shape the legal framework in the service of our digital transformation.

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Infrastructure for research, teaching and services

We will continue to develop our secure and future-proof IT infrastructure.

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Organizational structure

We will develop and transform our organizational structures in order to leverage the potential offered by digital work, learning and research.

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Digital skills

We will incorporate, promote and harness the individual digital skills of our members.

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New spaces for encounters

We will create new spaces for virtual and in-person encounters, interaction and collaboration at the University.

Implementation and governance

After successfully finalizing development of its strategy with the participation of key stakeholders, the University has embarked on an ongoing process to implement its Digital Strategy and evolve it further.

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An ongoing strategy process

The University has set itself objectives for implementing and advancing its strategy and has underpinned them with tangible (governance) structures and measures.

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Development of the strategy 2020–2023

The foundations for our Digital Strategy were laid between 2020 and 2023 in a participatory development process.

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